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Collages & Oil Painting,

300 x 400mm

This project was made up of 3 collages: Reflection, Connection, and Prediction.


Pigs are special. They have high intelligence but act as providers in food culture. Moreover, in the society I familiar with, pigs represent something being cursed. Through this work, I want to illustrate an ambitious role: a highly intelligent pig considering its reflection in the city. The reflection of the city in the painting echoes half of the pig’s reflection, aiming to inspire audiences’ thoughts.


I appreciate the beauty of nature, especially different sorts of vegetations. It is amazing that these lives grow from the earth and present wonderful details and layers. Compared with these creatures, human beings, covered with simple skin, seem dull. This observation made me wonder about the bridge between human beings and other organisms. To express my thoughts, I depicted an uncovered human structure whose brain and nerves connected with colorful plants. This piece captures the moment that we achieve a balance between humanity and nature.


Being interested in constellations and Tarot cards, I am used to testing my luck every time a big event happens. With the development of technology, I noticed that artificial intelligence plays a similar role as these “predictions,” such as forecasting the weather. To create this work, I combined traditional “predictions”with modern artificial intelligence. Painting the background in oil paint, I represented the origin of life using universe. I chose a symbolic eastern spell for luck mixed with a deconstructed robot. I aim to express the connection and contrast between tradition and present.

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